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Do Wild Animals have Emotions?

Emotions are the feelings that come when someone is going through any circumstances. All human beings have emotions like when we get angry or disheartens or feel pleasure or happiness in any of the relationship or at any specific situation. We experience our emotions all the time. Emotion is a mental activity.

Wild Salt Lake City animals are also living beings. Yes, they do have emotions and feelings. Man is also a social animal. But we have different linguistic to express our emotions and animals have their own. We do make friendships but wild animals make couples and bonds. Emotions can be observed in the pets you have in your home. Your dog will welcome you when you enter home and his actions will show you that he is happy. So he has emotional attachment with you. It is very difficult to explain a Utah animal's emotion but they do have. They show happiness, anxiety, sadness, anger and fear.

A century ago there was news that monkey commit suicide, no one knows what his state of mind was. It showed that he was very disheartened and depress. It is very easy to observe emotions of a sad Utah cat or dog. We usually get a feeling that they are missing something. Emotions can also be observed in female wild animals when they do have kids. They become very protective. They love their kids more than anyone else. They feed them when kids are hungry. This all is emotional attachment. Degree to which animals feel emotions may be same like human beings they do feel happiness, love, embarrassment and fear from the rival. Why do deer ran away when it saws a lion coming towards her , obviously because she feels frightened from line she has an emotion of fear. They have the same emotions as human being, they are very well aware of their friends and their enemies, they know how to compete with others, they want food for survival they feel hunger.

Animals do have conscious mental experience. They know how to behave in certain circumstances. Wild Salt Lake City animals feel relax and safe when everything is going good and they have no danger of their lives. Wild animals strive hard for their survival. Although it is very difficult for human beings to read all the emotions that animals do have. Some wild animals such as sheep like to be rubbed between horns and it feels relaxed when rubbed there. They feel very happy. Behavior of wild Utah animal shows their emotions. A horse is very honest animal, and dog is famous for his faithfulness. Their body language also tells their emotions, For example the position of tail in dog tells different emotions he is feeling.

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