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What are the Most Common Types of Animals Found in Attics?

A person can be a huge Salt Lake City animal enthusiast, enjoying the company of animals and devoting a lot of time for helping and saving animals, however not everything is acceptable. Hard working days, stressful situations and exhausting way of living are all forgotten late in the evening when everybody calm down and go to sleep. Not long, after you turn in something just doesn´t feel right, strange noises and even voices are coming from above, and then you realize, you won´t be able to sleep unless you get rid of those annoying little Utah creatures.

Unwanted residents in the attic
As your mission of getting rid of pest animal in the attic begins with knowing which Salt Lake City animal is above the ceiling, you need to observe some animal patterns:
• When is the animal active (during night or day)
• What kind of noises can be heard (scratching, walking, digging, and thumping)?
• Do you recognize the voices (coming from all around the attic or just from one direction)?
• The movement (light and quick or slow and cumbersome)
• Entry hole (location, size, form)
• Droppings (a pretty good evidence of which species is in the attic)
• Which time of the year (nesting season)

Only after you analyzed and gathered all necessary information, the quest of making your home a pest-free zone can begin. First of all, you need to recognize your enemy and determine which species is the unwanted visitor. Honestly, there are a lot of possibilities:

Utah Squirrels: a very common species that can be found in the attic, they are quite an attic invaders. Being a rodent, chewing and leaving droppings everywhere present the biggest problem. The squirrel will chew its way into a warm and cozy attic to build a nest. The animal will be coming back to nest year after year, damaging your attic a little more every time. They are active in the morning and during the day. The noise is a quick scamper and even nuts rolling around can be heard. The young are extremely busy running all around the attic.
Raccoons: can also be found in the attic frequently, as they are excellent climbers they enter the attic without any difficulty. The residents are usually females with young, nesting. As they are quite big animals, the caused damaged can be huge. They are mostly active during the night. The noise of their movement will be slow and cumbersome. The raccoons are also loud, using their very specific voices, especially the baby raccoons.
Opossums: are good climbers and often living in the attics. They are active during the night and are soundless. The moving will be slow and with almost no sound. Mostly female looking for a remote and quiet place for a nest. The mess they leave behind, however, is enormous and the smell awful.
Salt Lake City Rat and mice: the most ordinary pest animal in the attic, being active through all year. As they are very quick, the dashing noise will be heard all around the attic. Chew marks, tunnels and massive amounts of droppings are left behind.
Bats: this animal is a bit more complicated, due to the roosting. Maternity colony comes to the attic to raise baby bats. They are nocturnal animals, making a lot of noise with the flying, squeaking, and crawling. They also have a very distinctive guano odor.
Snake: Yes, it´s not a mistake. They do live in the attics sometimes, usually following a rodent, a rat more accurately. Baby snakes can be a problem while they will get just everywhere. They can hide well, and are very hard to locate. Some people reported to have heard ˝slithering˝ noise and snakeskin is the best evidence for the snake. The best way of getting rid of snakes is to remove the rodents from your attic.

All of the above Salt Lake City animals are potential residents of your attic. After determining which one of them is making your life miserable, you can get rid of them by yourself or hire professional help.

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