Do Possum Hiss?

Voice is source of expression that is present almost in every creature of this universe. Among the living thing this phenomenon is very important as it is source of communication along the source of expression. All living creature from a human to tiny insect have proper voice mechanism, all these creatures express their level of feelings like happiness, angriness, sorrow, threat etc. Hiss (a kind of voice) is that kind of feature possessed by some Salt Lake City animals that is used by them as the expression of few situations.

Possum is a small Utah animal that belongs to class Mammalia of kingdom Animalia generally found in the sizes of 5 to 120 cm. Possum are mostly found in bush-land areas. Long prehensile tail and sharp claws are the distinctive features of possum. Whereas hiss is the special feature of some animals which is a sharp sound of animals showing the angriness of the animal. Animals often make sound like this when they get unhappy in any situation or produce such voice as a warning for any alarming situation. So a stress situation can be the main cause of hissing in Salt Lake City animals.

Possums commonly vocalize with clicks, grunts, alarm chats, throaty coughs, screeching and hiss too. So here we got the answer to our question that do possum hiss as yes. The reason of hissing can be related to their social behavior of solitary which means they keep a distance from other possums and the marking of their distance is often done through vocalization. Usually they do not show aggressive behavior with each other any erect their ears if they got furious on each other but as the marking is done through vocalization so hiss can be a gesture of angriness among them as well. While hissing Salt Lake City possums look like slowly vibrating, and often feels as funny although they hiss in extreme unhappy or unpleasant mood.

According to general observation of the public possum have low throaty growl when they are threatened and before producing such voice it produces low hiss voice. It is also said that Utah possum also make screaming noises which can be a little unpleasant for humans. As the possum are often found in the area where there is garbage so they can produce a voice like hiss when any other animal seems to be frightening for them for example if a dog bark on them. So here we come across to a fact that possum hiss mostly when they are being threatened by some murder or predator, and a number of wild animals are the predators of possum which often vary from region to region where possum are living currently. Commonly Salt Lake City foxes, dogs and snakes are the predators of possum. So, a possum will hiss when danger from any of angering or threatening situation is felt.

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