Do Raccoons Attack Pets?

Raccoon is a medium sized Utah animal ranging from40-70cm length and belongs to the Mammalia class. Raccoons are found in grey, white, brown or black colors with fur type skin, with four feet each with five toes. Such structure of raccoons feet give them firmnesswhile climbing and running. A raccoon have two unique and distinctive features that are its paws and facial mask that is usually black mask on the face. Another interesting feature of the Salt Lake City raccoons is that they are found very sensitive towards hearing of the sound from hearing very high tone sounds to sounds produced by the earthworms. Raccoons belong to order carnivores but by diet raccoons are omnivores which mean they survive on by eating both meat and plants.

Raccoons have teeth for eating; they have 40 sharp teeth in their mouth which include 4 sharp canine teeth in front of their mouth. They use their front feet in handing food before eating it. Raccoons have molars and premolars too which help them in grinding, chewing and then making swallow easy. A very interesting habit that is found in Salt Lake City raccoons is eating of food after washing it. Raccoons are mostly found as the habitats of woodland area close to water therefore, fish is their favorite food. They being omnivores eat plants, like fruits, nuts, vegetables, corns etc. Raccoons also eat invertebrate's insects, dead animals, birds and often the eggs of birds so they can eat anything available to them.

An interesting phenomenon related to Utah raccoons is that they adjust themselves in any environment provided to them. This adaptability quality of raccoon's helps raccoons to find and eat thing available to their environment at that time. The urban raccoons living in a domestic area can be threatening to domestic small animals sometimeswhich more likely include cats, chickens, rabbits and dogs. But here the question rises that are raccoons habitual to attack and eat cat, dog or other pet? Or they surely attack a cat or other when find it? The answer is strongly varying from Salt Lake City raccoon to raccoon, because cats or dogs are not the only source of food for them. So they eat cats or dogs occasionally, it means they prey cats and dogs when no other food is available. It also depends upon the individual behavior of a raccoon like a wild mind raccoon will definitely attack a small cat or any pet, as far as the dogs are concerned raccoons and dogs do fight and most of the time dogs get injured because raccoons are very tough fighters. Whereas raccoons can easily prey a small cat, rabbit, chicken etc. Usually a raccoon prey cats or other pets when they are being fed outside the home, many incidents in the North America have been reported where the dead and half eaten cats found, because raccoons are mostly present in the gardens and parks. So answer to the question that do Salt Lake City raccoons attack cats, dogs or animals? It can be “yes” when they do not found any other thing to eat.

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